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MCP partners with artists to offer music for healing. Live concerts are streamed to the hospital rooms of children across the globe to offer hope, community, and a moment of reprieve from the devastating illnesses they battle. Please consider giving to this higher calling.

Owner/Designer/electron-Guru Danny McKinney. The L7 redefines microphones. His ribbon headphones let you hear music as if it were your own thoughts. A true master and innovator. Make yourself familiar with his select offerings, including the L2M Mastering Limiter, OS1 and PAL preamps, Studio Monitors, Standell amps and more.

For me, it's the plugins and I've used them all. Nothing compares to the creativity, ease of use and faithful reproduction in their modeling of existing hardware. Everything they put their hands to is made better.

We've come to rely on what the legendary Rupert Neve has brought to audio. Of his contemporary designs I rely on these nearly every day.

5059 Satellite

5051/5052 Shelford Series

Portico 5024 Quad Mic Pre

Clocking is the most significant improvement you can make in your signal path to achieve better fidelity. Antelope has taken their clock technology and extended it into other excellent product offerings. In my arsenal: Orion 32, Pure 2, Atomic 10M.

I've been a fan of these versatile multi-stage processors, whether on tracks, busses or master processing. Nothing rivals RX for noise reduction. Instrument tracks, vocals, dialog, whatever. The Spectral denoiser is especially brilliant.

They don't need my help, but every time I deal with them I receive great customer service, competitive prices, and it's a fun hang at GearFest. 

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