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Learn. Do. Learn.

Mentoring Sessions

It's a process. Production & engineering is a continual exersize of learning, applying what you've learned, and then learning more. It seems the more experience you gain the more there is to discover.


If you find yourself stuck at a certain point in your project or are unsure of what your next move should be, an objective helping hand can be valuable to get you over the bump. Whether it's a simple question or a complex  issue, I offer my experience to assist you in that process to add to the learning and the doing.


Sign up for a session and we'll work together to get your project on track and sounding great.

Mix Refinement Sessions

Mixing at home and not sure you're hearing accurately?

Don't have the budget for full mixing services, but still need to turn in a great product?

Want to get the most out of your mix, but are stuck on what to try next?

Mix Refinement Sessions are a great way to incorporate mentoring into a current project. It works by bringing your mixes into my studio where we'll mix side-by-side, listen, discuss and brainstorm things that will put your mixes across the finish line. You'll get the benefit of:

  • an acoustically designed listening space

  • great monitoring with different options

  • objective ears on your production

  • additional software plugins or hardware as needed

  • options for the 2-mix path to print through

  • confidence and learning to apply to your next project



By the hour........................$120/hr

By the day.........................$600/day


Contact me to put a Mix Refinement Session on the books for you. 

your~Sound Session formats

• One-on-One in your~Studio (Nashville area)

• One-on-One in my~Studio (Nashville area)

• Skype Sessions (send your Pro Tools session or mixes in advance for critique)

• On location Master Classes in your~Studio

• On location Master Classes in my~Studio (Nashville)

(ask about multi-attendant Master Classes for groups)



Skype Session........................$100/hr

Attended Session (Nashville area)........$120/hr (3 hr min for first bookings @$300)

Attended Session (out-of -area) for inquiry

Master for inquiry


Getting Started

It begins with sending me an email. But prior to that, here's a few things you can think about.

  • Choose the session format that works for you.

  • Be ready to provide some details about your studio setup.

  • Have an idea of what you'd like help with, but be flexible. Woodshedding in one area can often lead to an entirely different focus.

  • You'll need to have Skype online and ready for our video call if that's your format.

  • Dropbox is helpful for sending media (mixes) ahead of time (at least 24 hrs prior to our scheduled session).

  • Payment will be required in advance in order to reserve your session.

  • Make Contact so we can discuss the details and get you rolling.


Make Contact

your~Sound: Getting Started with Vocal Compression

your~Sound: Mix Template

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

– Benjiman Franklin

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